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Blue School Day 2024 is coming. On May 20, 2024, Blue Schools will become even bluer!

The Blue School network voted on the Blue School Day challenge and the results left no doubt: Blue Schools wanted an artistic challenge.

Therefore, with Blue School Day 2024 in mind, the “A Minha Escola + Azul” challenge has been launched.

To answer this challenge, each Blue School should create an artistic project connected to the Ocean, to be displayed to the school community. 

This project can be the painting of a mural or a wall; the transformation of a classroom, library or school canteen; an artistic installation made out of recycled materials, etc.

Blue Schools should engage as much students as possible in this project and also aim to involve the local community and partners.

On Blue School Day, all projects will be presented and inaugurated, creating a truly special day for the Blue School network. 

In the imagem below, you can find all the guidelines (in PT) to answer this challenge. This image is also available on PDF (PT only). 

Blue School Day is celebrated every year on May 19th. However, in 2024, as the 19th falls on a Sunday, Blue School Day will be celebrated on May 20th, matching with the European Maritime Day.

Every year, a challenge is launched to Blue Schools to mark this date. Find out about the challenges carried out in previous years.

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