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Escola Azul - Blue School is an educational programme of the Portuguese Ministry of the Sea. Its main goal is to improve the level of Ocean Literacy in Portugal. 

This programme intends to distinguish and guide the Portuguese schools that work on Ocean Literacy. It creates an Ocean Literacy community, bringing together schools, the sea sector, municipalities, universities and other entities with an active role in marine education. 

A Blue School develops an educational project that promotes a better knowledge of the Ocean and its influence on our lives, while not forgetting our own impact on the Ocean. A Blue School is able to actively engage the school community in these themes, articulating all its activities and initiatives with the local community and the different players of the sea sector.

The Blue School programme relies on partnerships with a great variety of entities connected to the sea, who provide multidisciplinary marine education actions directed at Blue Schools.

Portuguese schools are the ideal setting to lay the ground for an effective implementation of Ocean Literacy in the Portuguese society. Schools should develop the ideal conditions so that children, youngsters and teachers can reach higher levels of Ocean Literacy, becoming agents of knowledge with an active role in the school community and in the society at large. 

Blue School Programme Brochure



  1. Explores an issue related to the Ocean.
  2. Encourages students to take action.
  3. Engages students of different grades.
  4. Explores in different subjects.
  5. Selects Blue School Ambassadors.
  6. Interact with the partners’ network.
  7. Communicates its actions.
  8. Involves the local community.
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