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Sign in the platform to gain full access to the application form.

The school's application form should be completed by the teacher who will take on the role of Coordinator of the school project. In this form, he'll have to:

  • Choose a Blue School challenge to explore over the next two years 
  • Identify a question or goal for the school to answer over the next two years
  • Accomplish all the Blue School criteria
  • Submit the application when the form is complete (it is possible to save as you go)

More than an evaluation, this step represents an interaction between the applicant school and the Blue School Coordination. The application will be reviewed by the Blue School Coordination, with the support of the Scientific and Pedagogical Commission. If the application does not meet all the necessary requirements, the Coordination will provide guidance and suggestions in order to elevate the school's project, allowing the application to be adjusted accordingly. During this process the Coordinating Teacher will:

  • Receive notifications with recommendations to adjust the school's project
  • Make the necesssary adjustements to the application form, taking into account the recommendations of the Coordination and the Scientific and Pedagogical Commission 
  • Submit the revised application form 

The application is approved and the school becomes a Blue School. In this step, the Coordinating Teacher will: 

  • Be notified of the application's approval, receiving the school's Blue School certificate
  • Gain access to the 'Teacher's Corner' (in the menu 'Come Aboard') where he can select the school's ambassadors and fill up some updates on the project's develpment