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In 2022, we celebrated Blue School Day with an Ocean Chain! On May 19, we invited all Blue Schools to join hands and create human chains for the Ocean that could bring together students, teachers, families, partners, and local communities.

The involvement of the Blue Schools was truly spectacular! Dozens of Ocean Chains all around the country and thousands of people involved!

Check out some of the images shared from the different Ocean Chains, both on Facebook and Instagram.

We challenged all Blue Schools to create and manage their own Ocean Chains. These were our guidelines:

  • Each school must create its Ocean Chain on May 19, 2022.
  • The human chain must be completed near the sea or, if that represents an impossible task, near a symbolic place for everyone involved (near a river, in the school, in an emblematic place for the community, etc.).
  • Involve as many students as possible and of different ages.
  • Don't settle for the school community. Try to involve the local community and partners.
  • Share your Ocean Chain on social media. Make videos, take photos, use Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter or TikTok. Always with #BlueSchool and #OceanChain.
  • Above all, have fun! Make this Blue School Day a truly special moment for your school. We are counting on you, with your enthusiasm and your creativity!