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Blue School Day is celebrated on May 19 and, to mark the occasion in 2021, we asked our students to write and send letters in the name of the Ocean. The goal is to raise awareness among companies and brands, motivating them to become more responsible and engaged on the Ocean sustainability!

On Blue School Day, all Blue Schools wrote and sent letters to a company of their choice that supplies juice or individual packages of milk with disposable plastic straws.

Blue Schools were encouraged to look for creative solutions and present alternatives to replace the use of disposable plastic straws. Companies were challenged to form partnerships with the schools, because only working together can we foster significant changes.

The letters were sent on May 19, creating a national movement on Blue School day. Envelopes were identified with the “In the Name of the Ocean” sticker. On May 19, we also asked students and teachers to share photos of the action on social media, using the hashtags #DiaEscolaAzul #EmNomedoOceano #EscolaAzul #OceanDecade.

Overall, more than 1500 letters were sent, and more than 6000 students were involved in the initiative.

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Many brands and companies that received letters from Blue Schools students didn't leave them unanswered. Each in their own way, they sent personalized responses to the appeals that were made in this initiative.

Most of these brands are already using sustainable production models and we hope that these letters can inspire them to do even more for the health of our planet.