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Blue School is partnering the Oceano Azul Foundation, the Portuguese Directorate-General for Education, Estudo em Casa and the network of Ciência Viva Clubs at School for the launch of the Rise Up initiative.

We seek to give voice to our students and involve them in the creation of a letter of commitments that will be delivered at the plenary session of the United Nations Ocean Conference, which takes place in Lisbon, at the end of June.

In a first stage, students must vote on what they consider to be the three most important priorities for the Ocean protection. This poll will be open until May 23.

Then, on June 8 (World Oceans Day), several students will meet in Lisbon for a discussion on the most voted topics and possible actions to implement them. 20 Blue School students will participate.

The Rise Up initiative was presented to teachers in a zoom session on May 11, and to student ambassadors on May 16.