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The Minister of Sea, Ricardo Serrão Santos, has already issued the new Blue School challenge for the school year 2020/21!

Our Ocean in 2030” is directed at Blue Schools and students of all ages, engaging them in the UN Ocean Decade. There are two ways to participate:

🗣️ Debates – Commitments for Our Ocean in 2030
Promote debates among the students to identify the 10 commitments of your schoo for a better Ocean in 2030. Submit your list and be prepared to take part in regional and national debates to select the 10 Blue School commitments for the Decade. 
    🗓️ Deadline: 31 march 2021
    📝 Submit the Commitments: https://bit.ly/3nq7co3 - PT

Ilustrations – How Do I Want the Ocean in 2030?
How do we want the Ocean to be in 2030? Create an image (drawing, painting, digital, etc.) that answers this question, along with a sentence or slogan. Each school can submit up to 10 images from its students.

    🗓️ Deadline: 31 march 2021
    📝Submit the Images: https://bit.ly/3f8hkzf - PT

To know more about this challenge, take a look at the detailed document on the "Our Ocean in 2030" challenge. - PT

Watch the presentation session of the "Our Ocean in 2030" challenge. - PT