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“The Ocean’s Genius” is a Blue School contest for students aged between 10 and 15 years to test their knowledge about the Ocean. The first stage will be contested at a regional level:
       • Northern Portugal – 12 april
       • Central Portugal – 13 april
       • Southern Portugal – 14 april
       • Madeira and Azores – 15 april 

       • Lisbon Metropolitan Area – 16 april

The final will be contested between the winners of the regional stage, who will compete for the fantastic prizes offered by OstraSelect, Mares Circulares, Oceanário de Lisboa and Blue School.
       • Final – 23 April 

This is an online contest where all Blue School students aged between 10 and 15 are invited to participate. The final will be broadcast live in the Blue School YouTube channel

Are you ready to put your Ocean knowledge to the test? Make your registration and do your best! 

To prepare for your participation, register in Mares Circulares (https://aprendecommarescirculares.com/) and have fun with questions and games that will help you become a true Ocean Genius.

At march 26, we had an oficial presentation of the initiative to reveal the wonderful prizes and to answer all questions about “The Ocean’s Genius”.

This contest is developed by Alexandra Aguiar, Beatriz Condeço and Mónica Vieira, three students from the Instituto de Educação - University of Lisbon, who are collaborating with Blue School throughout the 2020/21 school year. 

   * “The Ocean’s Genius” contest will be developed exclusively in Portuguese.