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The European Marine Observation and Data Network - EMODnet is a network of organizations, supported by the EU’s integrated maritime policy, working together to observe the sea, process the data according to international standards and make that information freely available. Rapid access to reliable and accurate information is vital in addressing threats to the marine environment, in the development of policies and legislation to protect vulnerable areas, in understanding trends and in forecasting future changes. It benefits all marine data users, including policy makers, scientists, private industry and the general public.

Blue School PT proudly cooperates with EMODnet, having assembled a working group of Blue School teachers to create educational tools in Portuguese that facilitate the use of the European Atlas of the Seas in a school / classroom context.

The European Atlas of the Seas represents one of EMODnet’s most important assets, providing information about Europe’s marine environment, covering topics such as nature, tourism, security, energy, passenger transport, sea bottom, sea level rise, fish consumption, and much more. Users can benefit from an enriched catalogue with more than 200 map layers to explore, collate and create their own marine and coastal maps. The Atlas is an ideal tool for schools, researchers and professionals, or anyone wishing to enhance their knowledge.