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Blue School PT joins HIDROVAL to launch a contest directed to Blue Schools from the Porto Metropolitan Area.

In 2023, HIDROVAL is launching a calendar entirely composed of illustrations of PT Blue Schools students under the motto “Water, There’s Only One”.

25 illustrations will be selected to incorporate the calendar. Each illustration submitted to the contest must follow one of the following themes (further developed on the explanatory document – PT only):
     • Water Capture
     • Water Storage and Distribution
     • Devolution of Water 
     • Water Recycling
     • Water Dessalinization
     • The Water In Our Cells

To participate, schools should submit their illustrations until october 31, accompanied by a text identifying the chosen theme, title, description, school, class and student.

Check the explanatory document (PT only) for further instructions and contact Sofia Domingues (sofia.domingues@hidroval.pt) from HIDROVAL for any questions.

HIDROVAL is one of the most recent Blue School PT partners. It is a company based in Porto, which supplies both products and services directly related with the several phases of the water cycle, as capture and pressurization of drinking water, drainage of rainwater and wastewater and handling of industrial fluids and effluents.