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Escola Azul was represented at FIC.A - Oeiras International Science Festival.

October 15 was the Ocean Day in the festival and Escola Azul set up a debate dedicated to the theme “Ocean Literacy in the Ocean Decade”.

The session was moderated by the coordinator of the Escola Azul programme, Raquel Costa, and featured a most-renowned panel of participants:
     • Luis Menezes Pinheiro - University of Aveiro, Portuguese Committee for the IOC
     • Ana Noronha - Executive Director at Ciência Viva
     • Teresa Firmino – Journalist, “Público” newspaper
     • Pedro Reis - Institute of Education of the University of Lisbon

This wasn't the only Escola Azul event scheduled for FIC.A. Also on the 15th, students from the Paço de Arcos School Group conducted a demonstration of the ROV4All project they have been developing.