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Blue School PT joins #EstudoEmCasa Apoia for the launch of the second edition of the project “In the Ocean’s Defense”. This initiative promotes in-depth knowledge about the Ocean, fostering sustainable attitudes in students.

The central focus of this project is a role-play activity in which students represent seven characters from different sea sectors. In order to know more about each sector, students can watch seven webinars that were created within the scope of the first edition of the project. In these webinars, experts from different sectors spoke about the main issues that affect the Ocean and that are directly related with their activity.

To find out how to develop this project, check out the e-book “In the Ocean’s Defense” (PT only), available at the following link or in the qr code shown below.

This project and the role-play activity can and should be adapted by the teacher according to the students’ age or to the time intended for the development of the project.